Hillside Chapel

Directions from Gate 1

Exit Gate 1 and proceed southwest on Workman Mill Road. After 2 miles, turn left into Gate 17 and follow the signs to Hillside Chapel.

A beautifully minimal space for services

Completed in 1956, Hillside Chapel is one of Rose Hills' older spaces. Surrounded by the quiet of nature—deer and other wildlife are a common sight in this area of the memorial park—it provides a peaceful atmosphere for a funeral, memorial service or visitation.

Stunning 22-foot windows and a prominent rose-tinted skylight provide a flood of natural light during the day and the inspiring effect of a continuous sunrise. Nearly perfect acoustics—of all Rose Hills chapels, they are the clearest and best at Hillside—make this space the perfect place for beautiful memories and music to be shared with guests.

Rows of stately wooden pews and a small adjacent garden accommodate up to 185 guests.



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A distinguished history

Hillside Chapel was designed by prominent Los Angeles architecture firm AC Martin, long-time designers of some of Southern California's more iconic buildings. Their work includes Los Angeles City Hall and the Department of Water and Power building, both landmarks of the city.

Rose Hills will soon open a new witness crematorium at Hillside Chapel.

Please contact us for more information about the crematorium or to plan a funeral, memorial or other event at Hillside Chapel at Rose Hills.

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