Rose Hills Mortuary

Directions from Gate 1

From Gate 1, proceed past the information booth. The mortuary is the white building on the right. Parking is on the right.

Rose Hills Mortuary

Rose Hills Memorial Park is the largest cemetery in North America, but Rose Hills is more than a breathtaking place for remembrance and reflection. With an on-site mortuary and crematory, Rose Hills provides complete funeral care from a single location. The convenience of having one touchpoint for every aspect of funeral, cremation and cemetery planning combined with a culture of compassion and caring sets Rose Hills apart from every other funeral home in the area.

Rose Hills was only the second place in California to offer both cemetery and funeral services at one location. Since 1956, we’ve worked to perfect our services, and in recent years, Rose Hills Mortuary has been renovated and redecorated, so it is both modern and elegant. With several custom staterooms, a witness crematorium and more than 700 team members who speak nearly two dozen languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean, Rose Hills anticipates the needs—and exceeds the expectations—of families with diverse practices and customs.

Rose Hills professionals are experienced in creating beautiful, personalized tributes that align with the traditions and rituals of your culture. Our professionals understand and can help you honor your religious beliefs. Funeral specialists are well-versed in Asian and Hispanic traditions especially, but we are dedicated to caring for families from all faiths and backgrounds. If your preference is a nondenominational service or a contemporary celebration of life, one of our skilled celebrants can help you plan a memorable event.



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Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. These guides can help you every step of the way—from choosing between traditional burial planning and cremation, designing a religious ceremony or a celebration of life, and deciding on cemetery property or filing for veteran's benefits.

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Our care center

Rose Hills embalmers are both funeral specialists and artists. They are among the most talented cosmeticians and hairstylists anywhere, paying special attention to each and every loved one from the moment they arrive in our care. Privacy is guaranteed, and loved ones are watched over day and night. Meticulous concern for those who can no longer care for themselves is part of our core values. We take our work very seriously.

The Witness Crematorium

Recognizing that some cultures prefer a cremation viewing, The Witness Crematorium at Rose Hills was introduced in 2008. The state-of-the-art facility reflects Rose Hills’ commitment to honoring each life with dignity and respect. Its viewing lounge accommodates up to 10 people and may be used for a small service to complement a larger chapel or graveside gathering.

If you are unfamiliar with cremation, a Rose Hills planning professional can explain the process and different memorial and burial options. From a direct cremation without a service or a witness to a full funeral service before or after the cremation and more, we help you understand this increasingly common choice. And our private crematory means your loved one never leaves our care.

Visitation center and staterooms

The Rose Hills Mortuary visitation center comprises three unique floors, each with its own funeral chapel and multiple staterooms intentionally designed and specially outfitted for our diverse community. The first and second floors hold spaces for religious and nonreligious memorials; staterooms of various sizes allow us to provide an intimate setting for a small gathering or more room for a larger group. Our professionals carefully match each family to a space that fits their needs, tailoring the experience with their comfort and convenience in mind. Staterooms can be personalized for a traditional memorial or a contemporary celebration of life. There are rooms with flexible seating, and we work with families on custom decor and more.

Hall of Endless Remembrance

The third floor of the visitation center is home to the Hall of Endless Remembrance. There we hold as many as 1,700 Buddhist ceremonies each year.

The Hall of Endless Remembrance is a culturally sensitive space dedicated to Chinese funerals, with native Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking staff, appropriate ceremonial items, and architecturally elegant family and ceremonial facilities. Our dedicated team is highly knowledgeable about Chinese traditions and experienced in providing compassionate memorial care.

We know that Chinese funerals require careful attention to tradition and ritual. We also know that it can be inconvenient or impossible to travel to Chinatown to purchase appropriate funeral supplies. That’s why we have an on-site shop that carries burial blankets, joss paper offerings and spirit money, special jewelry and keepsakes, and other accessories. Our team is here to ease your burden and help you choose exactly what you need.

Each room along the Hall of Endless Remembrance is specially ventilated and soundproofed to accommodate ceremonies with incense, chanting and chimes.

Personalized funeral care

Rose Hills pairs each family with a funeral arranger who speaks the same language and aligns with their emotional needs. Then, as that carefully selected arranger guides a family through planning a funeral, memorial or cremation, he or she can be fully in sync with the family’s needs and wants—right down to when a casket should arrive at a service or which flowers should be placed on an altar. That level of detail, care and energy is integral to everything we do.

Funeral packages

Rose Hills offers a range of funeral packages meeting the needs of both your traditions and your budget. Packages do not include cemetery property, but Rose Hills Memorial Park offers many beautiful options, from traditional ground burial to mausoleums, cremation niches, custom memorials and more. Regardless of what package you choose—or if you prefer to customize your package—we recognize that every family is different and therefore every service is personalized with thought and care.


Rose Hills Memorial Park was founded in 1914 by Augustus Gregg on part of the historic Rancho Paso de Bartolo land grant. Whittier Heights Memorial Park, as it was originally known, began as an 18-acre cemetery serving the flourishing city of Whittier. As the population of the area grew, the park grew with it. In 1928, management launched an expansion program that continued into the 1950s.

In 1942, Rose Hills completed a crematorium and opened the mortuary 14 years later. At the time, this made Rose Hills one of the few places in the country to offer all memorialization services and facilities at one convenient location. In 2005, the GardenView Reception Center at Rose Hills opened. In 2008, the crematory was modernized to accommodate witness cremations. In 2015, Rose Hills Mortuary unveiled the Hall of Endless Remembrance, a space within the visitation center designed and built especially for Chinese and Buddhist families and guests.

If you’re ready to start planning a funeral, memorial or cremation at Rose Hills, please complete this form and someone will reach out to you.

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