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Hua Yuan at Rose Hills

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Hua Yuan at Rose Hills was created as a statement of Rose Hills’ commitment to serving the community in ways no other funeral home can. The state-of-the-art complex comprises 14,000 square feet and includes two modern chapels—each with its own catering kitchen, dining room, ceremonial burner and courtyard. At the heart of Hua Yuan is an elegant reception area that showcases the elements of water, sun and air.

But Hua Yuan is more than a place. Meaning "Prosperous Garden," Hua Yuan is a new level of service for families who value premier funeral care. We call it the Hua Yuan Experience. And there's nothing else like it anywhere.



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Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. These guides can help you every step of the way—from choosing between traditional burial planning and cremation, designing a religious ceremony or a celebration of life, and deciding on cemetery property or filing for veteran's benefits.

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The Hua Yuan Experience

Planning a funeral is easier when you can work with people who are connected to your culture and truly understand the ceremonial needs of your family. Hua Yuan provides products and services intentionally designed to meet Chinese cultural traditions, while at the same time being culturally inclusive and a beautiful choice for any family’s traditions.

When you plan a funeral at Hua Yuan, you can expect to work with a funeral arranger carefully chosen for your family. He or she will help you design a service that deeply reflects your culture, religious expression, family traditions and the life of your loved one. Working together, you will create a memorable event that considers every option and accounts for every detail.

In addition, should you so desire, Rose Hills offers the services of a feng shui master to help determine where and how your loved one should be buried.


Foyer of Hua Yuan at Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary

Beauty and sensitivity

Honoring tradition, customs and heritage is fundamental to Chinese funerals. With Asian families spanning a vast geographical and ethnic area, many follow a variety of religious practices, including Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist traditions. Some families may also combine their cultural traditions with Christian religious practices. At Rose Hills, our knowledgeable, caring experts recognize that these characteristics can be as unique as the life they honor. We're here to help you plan a meaningful service that incorporates your cherished traditions and cultural elements.

With a deep understanding of the cultural and religious differences from region to region, our professionals understand how Western funeral services differ from Eastern funeral ceremonies, and they are well-versed in the nuances of East Asian funeral rituals from mainland China to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

We carefully create custom ceremonies that are both remarkable in their beauty and in their ability to address the needs of each individual, no matter where or how that person lived. We are always careful to honor preferred expressions of faith as well as the common elements of family ties, reverence for elders and a communal sense of being.

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Culturally inclusive

Though largely staffed by Chinese-speaking staff, Hua Yuan serves people of all ethnicities. All Rose Hills families are welcome here.

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Complete facilities

Hua Yuan chapels have adjoining catering kitchens, dining rooms and patios, allowing families to host traditional ceremonial events.

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Language services

Hua Yuan provides custom premium funeral and burial care in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and many other languages.

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Ceremonial burning

Incense burning is permitted in both Hua Yuan chapels. Adjoining courtyards accommodate the burning of joss paper money, houses and other items.

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Rose Hills has relationships with local Buddhist organizations and can connect your family with monks and choirs.

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Funeral processions

From Hua Yuan at Rose Hills, you can expect a short, well-orchestrated procession to your family’s burial location in Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Embodiment of compassion

Hua Yuan at Rose Hills complements our existing buildings. Contemporary design inside and out provides a beautiful backdrop for any culture, though designers thoughtfully incorporated symbolism inspired by the deity Guanyin.

Beloved by all Buddhist traditions, Guanyin is the most common Chinese translation of the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara, who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. In English, Guanyin is often called the Goddess of Mercy. Subtle symbols for the giver of good luck, fortune and success allow the space to have universal appeal while also providing a special connection for families to whom these representative elements are meaningful.


Benefits of planning in advance

We encourage families to plan ahead, as it relieves your loved ones of the emotional and financial burdens of making decisions during difficult moments.

Most families understand that planning ahead can be particularly important where cemetery property is concerned. It can, in fact, be seen as a good deed.

Securing land with good feng shui is a process that takes planning. Waiting until the last minute can make the task more difficult. Rose Hills Memorial Park has no cultural boundaries, but the cemetery does have areas that are naturally more auspicious and with better feng shui elements. Topology plays a large part in feng shui, and we always consider the practice when creating new gardens. Your family’s feng shui consultant can guide you to the best Rose Hills location for you. Learn more about feng shui at Rose Hills.

Prearrangements for funerals have become more common as families have realized the value of planning ahead. At Rose Hills, there is always a planning professional available to help families plan a funeral or memorial or choose cemetery property, whether they have an immediate need or want to plan ahead. We offer funeral and cremation packages, as well as a la carte options, to honor your traditions and fit your budget. Packages do not include cemetery property, but Rose Hills Memorial Park offers many options, from traditional ground interment to mausoleum entombment to niche inurnment. Explore our property under development.



Hua Yuan at Rose Hills is located just inside the Gate 1 entrance. Turn right at the second driveway; the complex will be on your right.


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Whether you need to purchase cemetery property, plan a funeral or cremation ahead of time, or make final arrangements in a time of need, we are just a click or a phone call away. Contact us.

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