Memorials and Markers


Choosing a memorial or marker is an important decision. A grave marker provides an opportunity to make a permanent statement about a special life. Some families prefer the heft and shine of granite. Others like the classic look of bronze. A photo tile or a favorite verse or saying gives a marker an added level of personalization, but many people opt only for names and dates.

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to memorials and markers—only the decision that best reflects your personal preference or cultural tradition. What matters is that you create a memorial that reflects the unique life of your loved one. The memorial property you select will have some bearing on your choice. Some cemetery property types afford a range of marker options and add-ons. Others have preset parameters and limited flexibility. Most Rose Hills markers and monuments are available in both single and companion styles. Please see a Rose Hills representative if you have questions about the memorial or marker options permitted on your cemetery property.


A niche estate along a beautifully landscaped pathway. Lotus Cremation Trail at Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Granite Markers

Known for its permanence and elegance, granite is available in various colors and designs. Choose from a variety of pre-designed styles, patterns and finishes. Rose Hills also offer multiple language options and religious or meaningful symbols. Or, you can design a custom or companion marker.


Granite Marker Brochure


Hands reach out and touch a bronze marker at Rose Hills

Bronze Markers

Bronze markers are no longer limited to just names, dates and inscriptions. A variety of designs, color background finishes, edge options and even full-color photographs are now available for bronze markers. To upgrade features or request a custom design, please contact us.


Bronze Marker Brochure



Flat grave markers and pillow-style headstones

The majority of burial locations at Rose Hills Memorial Park accommodate only flat bronze markers or flat granite markers. The choice of material is a matter of preference. To make things easy, Rose Hills offers customizable packages for flat bronze and granite markers. When you choose a marker from one of the packages, you choose the color of the material, the finish, the edge, the font for the personal inscription and any standard emblems you desire. Upgrades and full custom markers are also available, and a family may witness a flat memorial installation for an additional charge.

Some areas at Rose Hills allow pillow-style headstones, which are similar to flat granite markers but with a higher elevation and a sloping face. For those areas, we offer pillow markers in standard granite colors such as black and red, as well as premium colors for custom designs.

Upright monuments and memorial benches

Rose Hills features several lawns and gardens that accommodate upright granite monuments. These areas include Adoration Terrace and Adoration Meadow, Dawn Meadows, SkyRidge Terraces and WestPoint Estates, among others. For those areas, upright headstones come in standard granite colors such as black, white and red, as well as a premium blue granite for custom monuments. Similarly, granite memorial benches are approved for select cemetery sections. Both monuments and benches can, of course, be personalized with inscriptions in any language and color or black and white photos.

Cremation memorials

In addition to flat and upright markers, Rose Hills offers special markers for cremation burial and cremation monuments for inurnment, as well as plaques for cremation niches. These include granite boulders to mark in-ground interments; boulders, pedestals and benches that hold one or more cremation urns; and bronze plaques for niche spaces.

On-site design and production

Rose Hills has a dedicated in-house team who provides seamless coordination from selection to placement. On-site production allows us to carefully control the quality of each marker and monument—ensuring that your choice meets the high standards of everything we do—and gives us the ability to cut, inscribe and install certain markers in time for a chapel or graveside funeral or memorial service. Design work is permanently and securely archived so that if at any point in the future a monument needs to be repaired or replaced, we have the original design. Every marker we make comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials.

If your family chooses to use an outside headstone supplier, please have the vendor call Rose Hills to ask about restrictions, delivery days and required documents.




在玫瑰崗,紀念福地有許多不同的設計與多樣化的選擇。 從獨特的創意龕位,到坐落鄉間小徑的造型家族龕塔;從優靜绵延的山坡陵地,到氣派不凡的家族陵園;從山巔到湖畔;從明亮溫馨的室內壁陵,到視野潦闊的花園陵墓。 隨您獨具的的風格,留下永恆的紀念。

An associate provides professional and attentive service during a personalized Celebration of Life.



A man and boy sit in the shade of an established tree while visiting at their place of remembrance.