Gilbert Wallace Younger

28 enero , 19307 junio , 2013

Gilbert Wallace Younger nació el 28 de enero de 1930 y falleció el 7 de junio de 2013 y está bajo el cuidado de Rose Hills Mortuary.

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Gilbert Wallace Younger

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Gilbert Wallace Younger


Jay Finke

7 junio , 2021

will be missed

Stephanie Younger

27 junio , 2020

Dear Papa,
I miss you.
You left mighty big shoes to fill.
I remember being a little girl, and you’d let me stand on your big work shoes while you taught me to dance in your study.
I’ll always be your little girl.

david herrera

21 diciembre , 2019

I spoke to him when I was 20 years old in the early 80"s. I asked him why the transmission I installed would not shift from 2-3 on a ford C-4 transmission. He asked me several questions and I could not give him the answers-he got annoyed-at that time I was just a R and R kid at a trans shop-the rebuilder was out. I recall him being stern with me, but with care. I was motivated to learn about PSI and all the things I had not learned yet-I was able to discover that the modulator valve was installed backwards. Sadly, I did not call back to say thank you for helping me, but I did see the same problem I encountered in one of his newsletter about the modulator valve being installed backwards. I am now a school principal and I still love reading out transmissions-I love reading all of his writings in the kits-he was wise and a very good exceptional writer!

Tony VonHarten

18 octubre , 2018

I remember calling Transgo in 1995 about Big Blocks and my 700 R4. Gil answered the phone, and proceeded to not only give me very sound advice, He sold me all the parts, kits, special parts at Wholesale, then had them delivered from a local warehouse to my machine shop the next day, free of charge. That transmission would make my 6500 lb. suburban leap near 20 feet during 1st to 2nd shift (in low range) @ 6,500 rpm behind a 454. It never once slipped, misshifted, or failed to amaze ever. I often towed a boat and a weeks worth of supplies which brought the weight to 10,000 lbs easily. I extend my deepest condolences to his Family, Friends, and Employees. I never met Gil, and yet I feel the loss of a great and brilliant Man. God Bless, and Peace to All.

Carlos Guevara

23 septiembre , 2018

Mi condolencias a toda su honorable familia, saludos desde Venezuela, hasta aquí llego su legado. Vuela alto Gilbert....

Tony DelVecchio

25 abril , 2018

I first spoke to Gil (GW) on the phone in 1974 while working out a drain back problem on a Cadillac. After a while working with Gil on the phone and sharing technical and other experiences with him he invited me to his shop in El Monte. He wanted to know if working at TransGo would be something I would consider. I accepted his invitation and drove my new 1975 LeMans from New York to his shop in California. Gil really gave my wife and me a warm welcome. He had us over to his house for dinner, took us to a party with his friends, bought us breakfast, lunch and dinner, just a really great show of affection. He drove us around in his 1971 Cadillac and gave us a tour of the surrounding area for possible housing.
We had a chance to spend time with his wife and family who were equally warm and welcoming. The next day His wife Chris took my wife shopping while I spent time at TransGo. At TransGo he introduced me to all his staff and showed me the operation. I spent time sitting at the phones listing in on the calls from shops around the country. Towards the end of the week he asked if my Pontiac had a Shift Kit in it yet. I told him not yet so he gave me a 350-2 kit and said wheel her in and let's get it done! I didn't make the move from New York to California but, I worked with Gil on projects well into the 1990's. He made a trip to my shop in New York around 1989 and we worked on a pilot project together. Gil was a True Mentor and friend to me and I will always remember him.

pablo urcullu

30 enero , 2018

Thanks is the best way to say;you are in our memories and you are still present in any fixed tranmission that we made.
Thanks Gil.We miss people like you

23 enero , 2018

I remember us both working on the THM125C units on my bench in Anaheim....'way back when. You finally called it ""Project Bootstrap"" in that when we fixed one problem, another showed up. I've still got my notes from those days.

You were patient, kind and understanding. Those were good days..... and I think of them once in a while.

Thank you for all your help and making me a survivor in the transmission business.

Thank you Mister Shift Kit.

Ivan Blacka

31 octubre , 2017

When Gil made the transmission kits for the 200 transmission it made them work like a 350 back in the day. I love all his stuff he does it's brilliant.

Cal Tiger

22 agosto , 2017

Hi, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of this gentlemen. I have a lot of respect for American craftsmen & inventors and even though its been a few years now, I am saddened to hear of your loss. May his spirit live on always in our community. Best, Cal Tiger