1. If your last search did not find the grave site you are looking for, try using a less-specific spelling. For example, try using the last name and first initial only (Doe, J). Remember not to use a period after the initial.


2. If Tip 1 returns too many results, try adding additional letter to your search(es). For example Doe, Jo or Doe, Joh.


3. Omit the middle name or initial.


4. For unusual spellings or those that you are not sure of, use part of the spelling that you are sure of. For example, a search for son will return matches of first and last names such as Dawson or Ansonette. Do not use a comma.


5. Use last or first name only. This may be a good strategy depending on how few people share the name. Mary or Johnson would return too many results. Do not use a comma.


6. Use a comma only after the correct spelling of the last name. Otherwise, omit.


7. Name suffixes like Jr, Sr, I, II, etc. should usually be entered without a preceding comma. For example, to see results, John Doe, Jr should be entered as Doe Jr, John and not as Doe, Jr, John.


8. Searches are not case sensitive.


9. Punctuation: Only a comma after the last name, an apostrophe (such as in O'Hara), or hyphen (Doe-Robinson, Jane) can be used as name part. Searches that contain periods (Public, John Q.), other punctuation and/or diacritical marks (such as a glottal stop found in the name Kaù, an ñ as placed in the name Muñoz, or umlauts) will not return results.


10. It's possible that the person who made the funeral arrangements did not desire family information displayed on the internet. Rose Hills respects and protects the privacy of its families. Public records are available from the county health department where the death occurred.


11. When possible, successful searches provide an opportunity for flower placements to be ordered online. Flower placements at scattering lawns and inscription walls require more attention and cannot be ordered online. Please call the Rose Hills Flower Shop for assistance at 888-767-3880 toll free.

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