Plan Your Arrangements in Four Easy Steps
Call Rose Hills to request a Personal Planning Guide, or click here to request one now. In the Personal Planning Guide, you’ll be able to record your wishes for your funeral and cemetery arrangements, including who you’d like to serve as your pallbearers, readings and musical selections you’d like incorporated and other personal details.
In filling out your Personal Planning Guide, we recommend you use these four easy steps:

  1. Reflect. Consider the tone and atmosphere of the funeral services you’d like. Are they somber? Traditional? Celebratory? Will they reflect your unique interests and personality? Answering these questions will help you make funeral and cemetery selections that are right for you. 
  2. Record. Once you’ve determined your wishes for your final arrangements, record them. Whether stored on paper or electronically, your recorded wishes will allow your loved ones to act on your behalf. Just as you keep your will and financial documents updated, you should review and update your funeral and cemetery plans as necessary. 
  3. Support. Finally, support your plans with funding if you choose. By relieving your family of the need to pay for your funeral or cemetery services at the time of your death, you may prevent additional stress for them at an already difficult time. Funding your plans also provides protection against inflation. By locking in today’s prices, your loved ones will not have to pay more for your selected merchandise and services at the time of your death.
  4. Share. After you’ve recorded your funeral and cemetery plans in the Personal Planning Guide, notify your family of its location or provide them with their own copy. If you have selected a funeral provider and made arrangements with them, your provider will also keep your plans on file.


    Keep your funeral plans safe but accessible. It’s a common mistake to store them in a safe deposit box. At the time of your death, a safe deposit box only in your name may not be accessible to others until the legal matters of your estate have been settled. This process may not be resolved until after your final arrangements are carried out.

Contact Rose Hills today to schedule a no-obligation appointment with a community service counselor who can review your recorded wishes and help you understand your funding options. Appointments can be made at any of our locations or your home.


The Rose Hills 30-Minute Promise: we will take no more than 30 minutes of your time to discuss advance planning. If we stay any longer, it will be by your request only.

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