Advance Planning is Easy With Rose Hills

Why Plan Planning final arrangements in advance makes emotional and financial sense. It allows you to personalize your service and lock in today’s prices for those selections, protecting your loved ones from financial hardships and the burden of selecting your arrangements. When you plan in advance with Rose Hills, you know the plans you make today will be in place when your family needs them. Read more

How to Plan It’s easy to get started. Call the number above or click here to request a free personal planning guide. Then, use the four easy steps of Refect, Record, Share and Support to plan your final arrangements. A Rose Hills Community Service Counselor will be happy to review your funding options with you and your family. Read more

Start the Conversation It’s not always easy to talk about advance planning with your family. Telling them about plans you’ve already made may remind them that you won’t be with them forever. Suggesting that they make plans for themselves may raise a topic that’s uncomfortable. For almost 100 years, Rose Hills has helped families come together to talk about memorial planning, and the conversation is almost always easier when it happens in advance of an immediate need. Here are some tips to get the conversation started with your own family. Read more.

For more information about Advance Planning, click here.

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Make an Appointment

Our counselors can assist you with making pre-arrangements that reflect your personality, wishes, identity and culture. Call 800-328-PLAN for a free, no-obligation appointment.